Engagement Services

Our engagement services enable you to have the biggest impact with your translations. With over 20 years’ of experience, we’ve developed a strong network with multicultural communities and community leaders. We can facilitate community consultations as well as provide co-designed resources.

What is Resource Co-Design?

We co-design your resources with the community to create collaborative solutions, build capacity and prioritise relationships that fit your campaign goals. Resources are co-designed with your audience to ensure quality, impact and longevity. They are also more likely to be culturally appropriate and useful to consumers.

What are Community Consultations?

Our community consultations are small group discussions with professional facilitation used to determine concerns and find solutions. They engage diverse, multicultural and multifaith groups, improve relationships, and promote open communication, resulting in effective community engagement strategies for processes, policies and programs.

Why Use Engagement Services?

Engagement services are recommended for large translation projects or sensitive topics that may require more feedback. By engaging with your target audience, you can ensure you create resources and solutions that are relevant and culturally appropriate.

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