Community Consultations and Focus Groups

Want to know what your audience thinks? 

Engaging diverse communities can be challenging but understanding barriers to access underpins inclusive and effective policy. Community consultations and focus groups are effective ways of learning about the community you’re working with and gaining insights into their needs and interests. They can also empower, inform and engage people, and create lasting relationships between service providers and community members.

What are community consultations?

Community focus groups or consultations are small group discussions with professional facilitation. They are used to determine issues of concern for a group and to find preferred options for addressing them. Community consultations help engage multicultural and multifaith groups and help service providers to make better decisions about their processes, policies and programs.

What is the aim of community consultations?

Apart from soliciting feedback, community consultations can help create links with stakeholders and improve relationships with diverse groups. They are a great way of understanding and addressing community needs through listening, building positive relationships and collaboration.

What are some of the benefits of community consultations ?

Community consultations and focus groups are a place for open communication and discussion. They can help develop community engagement strategies, clarify communication needs and be an opportunity to learn about communication styles, literacy levels and needs of the community.

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