Professional interpreters for a wide spectrum of settings, from international delegations to local conferences, Polaron is here to help with all your interpreting needs.

Whether you represent a global law firm, local community organisation or an international manufacturer, selecting the right language services company for your interpreting needs is vital to your credibility. We now also provide video interpreting. No matter how much effort you put into preparing for your meeting, conference or presentation, the truth is that you will only sound as good as your interpreter. The presence of skilled, flexible language professionals in over 170 languages will make all the difference to the communication on the day and overall success of your project.

How a Professional Interpreter Can Help

Polaron’s professional interpreters can help you to:

  • manage your risks ensure compliance;
  • express yourself in your native language;
  • remove linguistic and cultural barriers;
  • minimise the risk and costs of cross-cultural miscommunication;
  • fulfil your legal obligation and duty of care.

When to Use a Professional Interpreter

Having an interpreter next to you will make a real difference in situations where it is important that you are not disadvantaged by existing language barriers in settings such as:

  • court proceedings
  • business negotiations
  • medical and clinical consultations
  • community meetings.

Why Use a Professional Interpreter

Using a professional interpreter is appropriate, not only when communication is impossible because of language barrier, but also every time a party may be disadvantaged without one, because:

  • those involved have difficulty expressing themselves in English;
  • complex information is being discussed; or
  • it is a stressful or emotional time.

By choosing Polaron’s NAATI accredited interpreters you’ll have the guarantee of experience, professionalism, high level of skill and reliability for all your interpreting needs.

At Polaron, we know that most people have never worked with an interpreter and it’s often the last thing you might think of before your important meeting. Isn’t it a relief to know that everything will be taken care of by your Polaron project manager? Yes, even for the last minute, urgent or rare language requests. Knowing that your professional interpreter will arrive prepared, on time and with superior linguistic skills and technical expertise is what our clients appreciate the most.

For those difficult to find languages, we never hesitate to use our established networks, relationships and community contacts.  We also offer our services in the expert field of group interpreting and bi-lingual facilitation, and are able to provide telephone interpreting services.

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